It is common knowledge that the far-left is using “diversity, equity, and inclusion” talking points to push racist hiring and admissions practices, and yet, Steve Allison filed a bill that would have required our public schools to propagandize our children with this divisive ideology! (House Bill 445, 87th Regular Session - 2021)

Steve Allison voted to force the State of Texas to conduct an annual TAXPAYER-FUNDED study on the benefits of DEI. When the House passed a bill to ban DEI departments at our universities, Allison voted to help DEI employees keep their jobs! (Senate Bill 17, Amendment 23, 5/19/2023, and Amendments 1 & 2, 5/22/2023, 88th Regular Session)

Steve Allison authored and passed an amendment to lower the penalty for illegal voting from a felony to a misdemeanor! (Senate Bill 1, Amendment 50, 87th Special Session 2 - 2021)

Steve Allison voted for a radical liberal Democrat's bill that added "Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) cards to the list of valid IDs to use when voting.

Noncitizens are eligible to apply and receive a TWIC card from the federal government.

54 of the 83 Republicans in the Texas House voted against the bill. Allison once again sided with the entire Democrat caucus in the House and a minority of liberal Republicans to pass a bill wildly out-of-step with Republican values.

Thankfully, the more conservative Texas Senate did not move the bill and it died. (House Bill 1356, 88th Regular Session - 2023)

Steve Allison voted against an amendment by one of the most conservative members of the Texas House to prevent Democrats from holding any seats or power on a proposed Texas Border Security Council.

Steve Allison regularly empowers Democrats at the expense of his constituents and all of Texas. (HB 3782, 88th Regular Session - 2023)

The voters of Texas continue to send Republican majorities to the State House, but Steve Allison continues to support giving Democrats control of powerful committees that determine the fate of important legislation. How did Democrats thank him? They called Republicans “racists” and fled the state, halting all legislation. (House Resolution 4, Amendment 5, 87th Regular Session - 2021)

Steve Allison voted to create a mental health grant program that would have given your tax money to children’s hospitals with NO provision to stop that money from going to gender transition. But thankfully, the Senate stepped in and fixed the bill. (House Bill 1898, 88th Regular Session - 2023)

Parents and students deserve to be empowered with education freedom. Allison voted TWICE to JOIN WITH DEMOCRATS and kill this transformational proposal. (House Bill 1, Amendment 45, 88th Regular Session - 2023; House Bill 1, Amendment 2, 88th Special Session 4 - 2023) 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just vote to give yourself a raise? Steve Allison did. Now his pension is going up, along with your taxes. (House Bill 438, 88th Regular Session - 2023) And at a time when inflation is rocking Texas families, Steve Allison voted to raise his own office budget. (House Resolution 3, 88th Regulation Session - 2023)

Don’t take our word for it.
See for yourself at www.capitol.texas.gov

On August 15, 1996, tragedy would upend Marc’s family as carjackers followed his eldest brother, Mike Jr., and his girlfriend back to their home. As the robber approached, Mike confronted him as his girlfriend fled. Sadly, Mike Jr. was shot and killed instantly in the family driveway. Just a year later, Marc’s best friend’s father, Eddie Garcia, was murdered outside his office.

In 2015, Marc met his future wife, Erica, and eldest daughter, Emily. They helped to heal his heart and soul and brought him back to the Church. The two were married in 2017. He adopted his eldest child, Emily, that same year.